Spiderman suit for the visually impaired
An interesting development: “The suit that gives you ‘Spidey Sense’ just like Spider-Man by tingling when there is impending danger Suit uses ultrasonic sonar to detect nearby objects and ‘warn’ the wearer A tingling sensation is achieved by robotic arms
8th ICEVI-European Conference on Education and Rehabilitation of people with visually impairment
All the professionals who serve people with visual impairment from infancy until old ages; namely ophthalmologists & other physicians, optometrists & low vision therapists, rehabilitation workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, early intervention workers, educators, social workers, occupational therapists, technological specialists, managers of
On the 1st of August the DIGIGLASSES project was launched with the participation of seven partners representing five European countries. The first task is to conduct a market survey, which will be available soon on the webpage, please participate in