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NOT A COMPETITOR – device purchased by MFKK

The Wrap™ 920AR augmented reality eyewear and maxReality™ plug-in for Autodesk® 3ds Max® empower you to turn your desktop into a “HOLO-Deck”.

•Twin high-resolution 640 x 480 LCD displays

•Equivalent to a 67-inch screen as viewed from ten feet (approximately 3 m)
•60 Hz progressive scan update rate
•Ultra-low video distortion
•31-degree diagonal field of view
•24-bit true color (16 million colors)
•Independent +2 to -5 diopter focus adjustment
•Two discrete VGA (640 x 480) video cameras
•30 frames per second video capture at 640 x 480

•USB video camera – no proprietary drivers requiredGOOGLE GLASSES:

Technical details (not official):


·         A display of unspecified resolution: using some sort of projection technique, possibly similar to theLumus Optical Engine Module)

·         Camera: Most of the photos taken with Glass have a 2048×1536 resolution which corresponds to a 3.2MP camera. Technically capable of up to 1080p recording, but probably due to hardware limitations, we’ve only seen up to 720p videos.

·         Camera button

·         Standalone processor: this is an interesting revelation because it would appear as though Glass will be a standalone device, not just a smartphone accessory

·         Unspecified amount of on-board memory

·         Touchpad on the side for input

·         Microphone for recording and voice-command functionality

·         Speaker for feedback

·         Sensors: gyroscope, acceleormeter, and magnetometer (e-compass) confirmed. No direct confirmation of GPS

·         Unspecified radios: Google didn’t detail the on-board radios, but I’m willing to bet we’re looking at WiFi and Bluetooth

·         ~36 grams



Olympus MEG4.0 smart glasses will photoshop the REAL WORLD



Moverio™ BT-100 Wearable Display

Angled Product Image


Perceived Image Size: 80" at 16.4 feet (5m)1

Resolution: 960 x 540 pixels (qHD)

Pixel Number: 518,400 dots (960 x 540 x 3)

Micro-Projection Optical Engine:

  • 0.52" Poli-silicon TFT active Matrix Color LCD
  • LED light source


Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Field of View: 23 degrees

Color Depth: 24-bit color (16.77 million colors)

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (NTSC, Android)

Transparency (of light guide): up to 70% maximum

Lens Shade: Removable

Sound Output: 1.5mW / 16 ohm (2.5mm Mono x 2)

Virtual Surround Sound: Dolby® Mobile

Dimensions (D x W x H): 7.0" x 8.1" x 1.9" (178mm x 205mm x 47mm)


  • without lens shade: 7.76 oz (220g)
  • with lens shade: 8.47 oz (240g)




eSight Eyewear is a new class of wearable, electronic assistive technology for people with low vision. Incorporating a high-resolution video camera and extra wide near-to-eye video screens, eSight Eyewear modifies your view of the world to maximize your remaining eyesight.

eSight Eyewear offers many video enhancements including zoom in/out, contrast and colour optimization, edge enhancement and brightness control. An eSight-certified low vision specialist can determine the most effective eSight Eyewear video processing algorithms for your unique vision condition – and the activities you love to do.