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Related patent applications:

  • US20020101568A1 Interactive Data View and Command System


  • eSight Patent (

             WO2008119187A1 An Apparatus and method fot augmenting sight

             US8135227B2 Apparatus and method for augmenting sight


  • Apple patent:

              US8212859B2 Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays


Related researchers/researches:


  • Website of Mr. Eli Peli, he conducted similar researches for more than 20 years, many usefull documents can be found on the website.  –

  • Intelligent goggles allow visually impaired to detect obstacles( obstacles) – researhers has been contacted more details in the meeting section

 Intelligent goggles






Related articles:

Augmented vision aid methods:

  • Augmented View for restricted visual field: Multiple Device Implementations (Fernandó Vargas-Martín, PHD and Eli Peli, MSc, OD, FAAO)
  • A generic real-time video processing unit for low vision (Fernando Vargas- Martín, M. Dolores Peláez-Coca, Eduardo Ros, Javier Diaz, Sonia Mota)
  • Desing of monocular head-mounted displays, with a case study on fire-fighting (Wilson, J., Writght, P.)
  • Haptic Rendering of Visual Data for the Visually Impaired (Konstantinos Moustakas, Georgios Nikolakis, Konstantinos Kostopoulos, Dimitrios Tzovaras, and Michael G. Strintzis)
  • Vision multiplexing: An optical engineering concept for low-vision aids (Eli Peli)

HMD Articles:

  • Head-Mounted Displays: Product Review and Related Design Considerations (Dennis C. Neale)
  • Characteristics of Professional HMDs- An analysis of current and best practices in professional displays (Sensics, Inc)
  • Design of a Compact Wide Field of View HMD Optical System using Freeform Surfaces (M.M. Talha, Yongtian Wang, Dewwn Cheng and Jun Chang)
  • Guidelines for HMD design (James E. Melzer, Frederick T. Brozoski, Tomasz R. Letowski, Thomas H. Harding, Clarence E. Rash)
  • Head-Mounted Displays (James E. Melzer, Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc.)

Field of view investigations:

  • What is the minimum field of view required for efficient navigation? (Shirin E. Hassan, John C. Hicks, Hao Lei, Kathleen A. Turano)
  • Effects of Field of View on Performance with Head-Mounted Displays (Kevin Wayne Arthur)
  • Collision judgmement when viewing minified images through a HMD visual field expander (Gang Luo, Lee Lichtenstein, Eli Peli)